ATCA Floater 2019

ATCA Floating National Specialty 2019

The 2019 ATCA National Floating Specialty Show is quickly approaching.  This floater, will be held on March 16, 2019 in Louisville, Kentucky and it is part of a 4 day show event called the Kentuckiana Cluster of Dog Shows.  This floater promises to be a wonderful long weekend full of exciting human and canine activities and offers great opportunities to meet up with old friends and make new friends.  Many of you are well along in your plans to attend this event but some may be hearing about the floater for the first time.  If that is the case, please contact April Clyde at for a packet of information.  In addition, you can click here for the Kentuckiana Cluster of Dog Shows Premium List. so you can review additional information and make your show entries for your dogs.

As you begin or complete your planning, here are some updates to keep you on track:

  1. The Floater Headquarters Hotel will close the Airedale block of rooms on February 13, 2019.  After that date, you may still be able to reserve a room but the Airedale discounted rate will not be available.   Please make your reservations promptly. Crowne Plaza; 830 Phillips Lane; Louisville, KY 40209; 502-367-2251.  Room rate $124, Pet fee one-time $50.00 (up to three dogs).
  2. If you are planning to attend the ATCA Floater Dinner at Churchill Downs at 6 PM on Saturday, March 16, your reservations are due to Margie Sinex by March 1, 2019.  Please make your checks payable to ATCA.  The dinner is $70 and includes a tour of the Kentucky Derby Museum; a wonderful feast of food and a tour of the Churchill Down paddocks with a visit with a resident racehorse.  Margie Sinex 480 Christina Ct., Zumbo Falls, MN 55991-1932; 507-398-4558.
  3. The tour of Horse Farms scheduled for March 15 is full.  No additional reservations can be taken for this event.
  4. A called ATCA Board Meeting has been scheduled for March 13. 2019.  Board members have received information about this event and should contact Virginia Latham Smith for additional information as needed.
  5. There will be a block of reserved grooming space for Airedale Terriers.  You must register to groom in this block.  You can register when you do your entries.   See the attached premium list to register for the reserved grooming space.  Indicate your reservation on the premium list requesting the “Airedale Grooming Block”.

Thanks to everyone who has been hard at work to make this Floating Specialty a wonderful and memorable event especially the Floater Planning Committee that consists of Anne Barlow and April Clyde (co-chairs), Lisa Berglin, Dianna Fielder, Margie Sinex, Virginia Latham Smith and Jean Surfus

Please join us and get “Lucky in Louisville!”