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June/July 2014 ATCA "Happenings"

  • There are a couple of new products on the ATCA shopping cart including the 2010 ATCA Yearbook. Only limited quantities are available. Take a look at all the specials we have to offer on the shopping cart.
  • Reservations for Montgomery County Kennel Club 2014 are now being accepted at the Hyatt Summerfield Suites, Plymouth Meeting. To make a reservation, call 1-610-313-9990 and ask for the "Black and Tan" room block. The discounted room rates are as follows: 1 Bedroom King Suite: $146 per night, 2 Bedroom King Suite: $189 per night, Trio Suite: $199 per night, 1 Bedroom with 2 full size bed $146. One time Pet deposit: $50, The address is Hyatt House Plymouth Meeting, 501 E. Germantown Pike, East Norriton, Pennsylvania 19401 HyatthousePlymouthMeeting.com For any concerns, contact Myrna Whatmough, Chair Hospitality at mjfwhat@msn.com.

  • The theme for the 2014 Montgomery banquet is "A Day At The Races" as we look forward to the 2015 ATCA Floater in Louisville Kentucky. Each table will feature a special centerpiece (which members will have an opportunity to bid on, buy and have customized prior to the banquet--details to follow in the next newsletter) and each will salute one of the Triple Crown winners or a Horse of The Year winner. Special take home favors and Derby trivia should get everyone excited about getting "on the road to Louisville" in March 2015. Deadline for reserving our entry is July 15. See more information on the front page of the website under MCKC information.

  • This Montgomery County banquet theme is "A Day At The Races". The theme was chosen in order to promote the 2015 Floater in Louisville, home of the Kentucky Derby! The crown jewel of each banquet table will be a customized "Airedale Racer" made by Marilyn Martin. There will be 12 of them made and each "new owner" can select his or her own colors for the jockey's silks! Your kennel name will also be on the centerpiece. More specific details on how 12 lucky people will be able to purchase one of these will be found in the upcoming newsletter along with a photo of the first Airedale Racer. You won't want to miss out on the opportunity to obtain one of these totally unique pieces! Along with these wonderful centerpieces, each banquet table will be themed to salute a famous race horse. Did you know that there have been 11 Triple Crown winners? Each one will be highlighted at a different table! But we will have 13 tables, so what about the other two? Probably the most popular racehorse alive today is the iconic Zenyatta--she has her own Facebook page and website! She will have a table in her honor along with the Triple Crown winners. And table number 13? That will be the long shot table and at its center will be one of the Airedale Racers---to be won via raffle tickets that will be sold over the weekend. The horse honored at that table will be Donerail. He was the biggest long shot to ever win the Kentucky Derby, going to the post with odds of 91-1 in 1913! Look for more information in the upcoming newsletter. And start planning your trips to Montgomery County in the fall and Louisville next spring!

  • The ATCA will have supported entries at shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of MCKC weekend. The Airedale judges are as listed: Thursday: Margaret Moeller-Siber, Friday: Ron Henaker and Saturday: Gary Vlachos. Check out the calendar of events for the rest of the judging for MCKC weekend including our National Specialty.

  • There will be a health seminar presented on Wednesday of the MCKC Weekend. The topic is "Canine Hemangiosarcoma: Diagnosis, Survival Times and the Latest in Treatment Options" presented by: Dr. Matthew Joel Hamilton, Medical Oncology, ACVIM Diplomate - Oncology. Dr. Hamilton is a highly skilled medical oncologist dedicated to helping advance the field of veterinary oncology with innovative treatment options. He is a firm believer that cancer in small animals is treatable today, no longer the immediate death sentence it once was. At Mid-Atlantic Veterinary Specialists, Dr. Hamilton manages patients through their cancer journey, from the moment the cancer is detected to treatment and recovery. He will focus his talk on Canine Hemangioscaroma but will also discuss other cancers that are prevalent in the Airedale. More information on the seminar will be found in the next edition of AA.
  • The deadline for advertising in the MCKC catalog is August 15. The deadline for reservations for the banquet is September 22. Please check the front page of the website under MCKC information.
  • Please check the front page of the website under MCKC information for corrected dates on the events.
  • Want to make donations to Airedale health, education, research, etc. The ATCA Charitable Trust is a non-profit organization that supports all of the above. Contributions can be made and specified for what area you wish your donation to go to. If you have any questions, please contact Richard Berg, Chair of the ATCA Charitable Trust at raberg1@att.net.
  • The ATCA Board has approved a logo and trailer that will be used for our donation to the Pet Disaster Project. ATCA's logo will be displayed on the PetAid Trailer in Colorado.

If you have any questions or comments on the above, please contact S. VanOver at svairedale@aol.com.

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